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Thailand and the UK Strategic Partnership and Project for Post COVID-19 through the lens of the Thai Ambassador

Future in Retrospect: Thailand and the UK Strategic Partnership and Projection for Post COVID-19 through the lens of the Thai Ambassador

31 March 2020


Thailand and the UK have long enjoyed a history of close and cordial relations. Our deep ties, cultivated upon vibrant economic exchanges, goes back over four centuries, with the two countries having established formal diplomatic relations in 1855, forged strategic partnership status in 2012 and celebrated our 165th Anniversary in 2020. The strong Thai-UK bond is formed on the basis of shared values, mutual interest and fondness for each other. This is why our partnership has been long-lasting, natural and strategic.

As one of pro-active Thai career diplomats, Ambassador Pisanu Suvanajata often remarks that the Thai-UK Strategic Partnership is progressing towards to a “New Chapter”. While this may seem as a mere projection of an upward trend of existing cooperation, the true essence of the “New” chapter is actually the level of breadth and depth of an advanced partnership that now cuts across all sectors and spectrums of our societies and peoples.

In retrospect of his four-year tour of duty in the UK, Ambassador Pisanu will share his thoughts and insights on what he sees as the backbone in Thai-UK relations and project what is up and coming. Against the backdrop of the politico-economic landscape in Thailand and the global race towards post COVID-19 recovery, how will the “New Chapter” evolve/ How will the UK’s increased interest in the Indo-Pacific region and proactive regional engagement, especially with ASEAN, be catalytic to this positive dynamism. And what are the emerging sectors and opportunities for the UK.

Ambassador Pisanu Suvanajata has been appointed as Ambassador of Thailand to the UK since 2016.  With a long career in diplomacy, he has previously been posted to Cambodia, Australia and China, and last served as Ambassador of Thailand to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar before arriving in the UK.