The Education Awards for Excellence

2019 Event Programme

The Winners have been announced. Click here for the list of Winners and Highly Commended candidates.

Congratulations if you are a winner!

  • Please note that all award recipients are expected to attend the reception on 22 November 2019.

The Educational Awards for Excellence

In 2005, under the Chairmanship of Professor Philip Stott, the society launched a scheme of Educational Awards for Excellence. The purpose of the awards is to acknowledge the achievement and excellence of Thai postgraduate students carrying out research at British universities.

The Awards originally took place at the Oriental Club, London, during the Winter Reception in November.  It attracted great interest and support from various prestigious sponsors, including strong support from the Royal Thai Embassy and Khunying Narisa Chakrabongse. Initially there were two academic categories: Arts and Science.  The winners of these first two category awards were students from Goldsmith’s College, University of the Arts, London and from Warwick University for Science.

The scheme continues to receive a huge response from Thai students across the UK. The number of categories has now grown to nine. Science and Medicine were divided into two categories because of the large numbers of applicants.

  • Science 
  • Medical Science 
  • Engineering and/or Technology 
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Humanities and Social Science 
  • Environment 
  • The Arts, including Architecture, Design and Music (open to Masters and PhD students)
  • Award for a non-Thai national at a UK university with research focused on Thailand (open to Masters and PhD students)

The entries are judged by an independent panel of academics.


From November 2014 the Awards became a self-funding event in its own right at The Office of Educational Affairs, The Royal Thai Embassy. This is a most appropriate venue as OEA supports Thai scholars and privately funded students studying in the UK.

The Awards continue to attract prestigious sponsors who wish to be associated with an event which recognises the tremendous wealth of talent of Thai students in the UK. Sponsorship for the Awards is most welcome from individuals, societies and companies.