Talking Thailand: A Dhamma Stage-play: Buddhist teachings through performing arts

Wednesday 14th April at 18:30 BST

'A Dhamma Stage-play: Buddhist teachings through performing arts' with Professor Martin Seeger, University of Leeds

If you would like to participate in this zoom talk, please email

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Talking Thailand: To the Land of Smiles and Back: Travelling & COVID-19

Doctors John Luckit and Donna Robinson give pertinent travel advice from their experience of providing 'Fit to Flt' certificates to Thai and non-Thai nationals since this became compulsory for travellers to Thailand.

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Talking Thailand: H.E. Brian Davidson bids farewell to his Thailand posting

Brian Davidson, approaching the end of his posting as Ambassador to Thailand, reflects on four years in Bangkok.

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Talking Thailand: Angkor and the Thai-Cambodian Legacy

Author of "Angkor's Temples in the Modern Era: War, Pride, and Tourist Dollars", John Burgess bring us insight into the significant of the Angkor temples in the, often unhappy relationship between Thailand and Cambodia. 

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2022 Regional Tour: Vietnam, Luang Prabang & Bangkok

A magical group tour of Vietnam, Luang Prabang and Bangkok. 


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